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June the 15th of 2021 is Reopening Day!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

With today being June the 15th of 2021 we have now begun “Reopening Day”. This means that the former restrictions that have been in place for about a year or so are now over. This is now the first day for businesses to reopen without the color coded tiers governing over their ability to fully operate.

This is now also the first day that you could return to the gym to use the equipment without having to worry about them closing down. As such it should be pointed out that the average person gained weighted during this time frame due to many restrictions that have hindered them for so long.

Some news sources have reported an “undesired weight gain” of about 29 pounds average. That means that the average person has gained 2.5 pounds per months due to the many different factors that the pandemic has brought into our lives. In many causes the average weight gain after you graduate from high school is between 1 to 2 pounds (the general average being 1.5).

Going to college normally brings about the “freshmen fifteen”. This being the average amount gained when being able to focus on academics for the length of your studies. If this applies to you now be sure to complete them since once you become employed you lose the opportunity that you earned and your life will change quite a bit there after.

As such this weight gain will be a somewhat challenging to remove since many did not work, stay active and may have had a change in diet which lead to them consuming more “comfort foods” to assist with the stress. Returning to a more active lifestyle starts today. Come up with a course of action and stick to it. Your long term heath and wellness depends upon what you do regularly so focus on these concerns NOW.

This is a general article with some research but a good deal of common sense. We each need to focus more on our future not just what is taking place in the next few days or weeks. This applies to many aspects of our lives so become better prepared for as many different occurrences in your regular life as possible.

My goal is to get back to the gym regularly and to maintain my workout more consistently since the gym is now open. Working out in your living space can be difficult to accomplish. Having access to machines, equipment and other such benefits of the gym, such as classes, can assist you in many different ways

My goal is to become as fit as possible by the end of the year. I am projecting a 6 to 9 pound weight lose as well as improved muscle mass, endurance and coordination.

Wish me luck!

By Jason D. Essex.

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