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How Long is a: Short Story, Novella and a Novella?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This is a frequently asked question for those of you who are new to writing content. As such it becomes important for you to correctly identify said works. A blog, for instance, can be as little as a paragraph. Professional sources, and bloggers, feel that 500 words is about right, but 750 or 1,000 is a better range to use simply for the many different SEO benefits. This will also further improve their recognition for having produced a more focused document.

A High School Essay can range from 300 to 1,000 words while a college range starts at 1,000 and can be as long as 6,000 words at a the skill level of Graduate School. You should consider why it becomes critical to further improve your written and verbal skills as you progress in your experiences. By varying your personal and business lexicon you will ensure that said communications is received with an improved clarity by those who have them.

A Short Story ranges from 1,000 words to 7,500 words (about 4-30 pages), while a Novella has a range of 7,500 to 40,000 words (about 30-160) and a Novel is about 70,000 (about 280 pages) words. This translates to 500 words in the average document when it is single spaced or 250 words for double spaced. Font, and Font Size, will alter these figures as well as the book size. It is also important to note that large print begins at a size 14 and above.

I am unable to display font sizes within this publication.

You should also know how to change the View on your device so that this can be adjusted to your likely. The average size of text in letters, documents and other content is normally 10-12, but each different Font displays different sized letters, numbers and symbols. You may wish to review this the next time that you create any form of communication.

Different platforms require some vetting for you to complete. The average cost to be published with a Publisher can be about $4,000. The total overall cost to have your own small business annually is far less costly than using a Publisher. You can also use these skills to earn in other ways depending on your learned skill-sets.

Be certain to name your business correctly; such “By The Authors Name”. Additional business listings are usually about $10 each. Each will require an annual fee to renew of about $70 or so. Additional SEO will be required but your Business Filings can assist you in many ways.

There are also numerous benefits to Self Publishing as opposed to using a Publisher. Having a Sole Proprietorship listing allows for you to become acknowledged for your skills. Be certain to use a Post Office Box to protect this listing as well as other aspects of your life.

This link leads to the U.S. Small Business Administration; you will also need to find your county Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk.

The following are some useful links for your general use should you want to review copyright and self publishing:

This is a direct link to one of works. Should you wish to review some basic business information to guide you to a more informed decision:

Have a safe and productive day!

May the 27th of 2021.


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