Notebook and Pen

By Jason D. Essex

Official Writer Portfolio

       I’ve been writing for a few year's time as well as blogging and game design.        Currently I have three (3) works that have been published.  I am working on several others and hope to have them published shortly.

       My currently published works are as follows:

       107 Ways To Be A Better Role Player.  This is meant to be a part of an ongoing series of works that will each focus on different topics.

       Lexicon 1,2,3.  This is a quick and easy game that can be played anytime,  anywhere and requires no dice,  cards,  tokens or other such related game materials.  It can be used with almost any sized group of players.

       The Party Game of Circular Cliffhanger!  This is geared to have from four (4) to eight (8) players but may be enjoyed by as few as two (2) should they wish to play it.  The players will build a character that will be placed within a setting.  Each player will take a turn with the character that they designed before handing it off to the next player.

       I will be focusing on blogging for this site.  Content will be forthcoming and will cover many different topics such as: cooking,  business matters,  writing, and other such related topics.  

       Looking forward to adding additional content to the site shortly.

       Have a great holiday season.




       Currently I wish to be contacted by means of U.S.  First Class Mail; not digitally.

       You can also find me on multiple business as well as social media platforms.  These can be used to make quick contact with me.  Please state the reason for any such communities in any DM or IM.

       Appointments and meeting can be arranged for coaching, interviews and the like.    

                  *** Written communications are preferred whenever possible. ***

​       Have a great week!

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