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Privacy for This Site .


      The following documentation is mean to relate to this site;  that of:

This site is meant for this individual to be used for the purpose of general communication in regards to “creative content” that they have produced.  In order to contact this individual please do in written form.  Generally response will take from 14 days to 30 thirty days time to reply by the same means,  depending upon numerous factories.

      This site will not be using any form of links.  No from of “code-shortening” will be included.  No mean to “share”,  nor being redirected to other platforms,  such as “social media”,  will be included.  Blogging will be included in this site as well as general information concerning content that is within it as well as published works.

      Digital communications will not be used from this source.  No from of direct communication by this means is included within this site.  Physical,  and mailed,  documentation will be the only means used as of now.

Please direct your documentation to:

By Jason D. Essex
Author and Game Designer
Post Office Box 210692
Chula Vista, CA 91921-0692

      Said author is available for speaking engagements,  signings and other related events.  Please communication clearly no less then 30 days before such events.  Compensation should also be offered for such appearances,  even if only a nominal amount.

      * San Diego County is the general area that this author is willing to travel in most cases.

      A Self Addressed and Stamped Envelope (SASE) will speed up any response.


      Please contact this individual first,  should you have any form of grievances,  disputes,  issues concerns or wish to communication with them directly.  Should you still feel that you need to include third parties within these communications please first include: 

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce.  Please given them a span of time to attempt to resolve any matters.  

      Should you feel that they are unable assist you please then contact: 

The San Diego County Better Business Bureau.  Each of these sources will then communicate in order to attempt to resolve any matters,  issues or concerns that you may have.  

      Should this be unresolved by this point and time please provide the same information to another third party source.  Be certain to honor Disclosure Laws and include those sources so contacted.  

      It is important to keep track of dates,  documentation and to take notes,  such as logging communications with these sources.  Please be calm and reasonable when so communicating.  

       Please also be certain to clearly review “copyright law” to the best of your ability as well as any other form of acts and / or  law(s).

      Last updated on 12/10/19

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