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Terms of Use For This site.

General Terms of Use For This Site.

Terms of Use.

      Terms of use for this site,  that of  This link is meant to be directed to this site only.

      Liability this site is meant to be used for the general promotion of the author,  be used as a means to contact them via U.S. Mail and to list the works so published under “By Jason D. Essex”. Said works are not for sale on this site,  however.  Please search online for a reputable reseller of such physical and digitally products.

      Intellectual property(ies) on this site have been recorder in several different ways.  Physical documentation is on record with many different sources.  Should wish to obtain said content please purchase it from a third party source for your use.

      Advertising theis is not meant to be any form of data collection by this site for the use of list building or to sell you any related products,  goods or services.  Should you wish to contact the author please do so in written form to:  By Jason D, Essex.  Post Office Box 210692.  Chula Vista,  CA 91921-0692.  U.S.A.  no less then fourteen (14) may be required to reply to your requests.  Please be certain to provide an address for written response.  Also please include the needed documentation(s) in the first mailing to cut down on needless delays in communications.

      Data and Privacy.  Your data and privacy are of importance to this site.  As such it does not contain a means to obtain such information.  No email,  links,  third party sources or sites are to be included within this source and site.  

      Products,  goods and services.  As mention this site is simply a holding spot for blogging,  used as a means to contact the author as well as to make reference to their work.  Should you need to hire the author please reply in written form.

      General Data Protection Regulation(s).  The author owns this site and does not wish to obtain data relative to those who visit it.  Please use a third party link to make any purchases of this related content.

Published on this site as of September the 23rd of 2020.

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