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When is National Coffee Day? #NationalCoffeeDay

September the 29th of 2021 is the date of this event in which we celebrate our love of this beverage. Regardless of when or how you partake of it you have made it a part of your food ritual daily, weekly or while on a date or at a meeting.

This drink is very versatile indeed. As a dessert many varieties can be consumed. There are numerous ways in which you have enjoy it such as hot, cold, with and without flavored creamers and other such sweeteners. There are also several versions that combine alcohol in an agreeable way.

The link below directs you to an article which provides an overview of some information in regards to: National Coffee Day and tips on how to celebrate this occasion. Other notable days of the year are also listed at the bottom of this page as well.

Have a great day, be safe and stay productive!

May the 3rd of 2021.

This link leads to the history channels content in regards to coffee:


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