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The Party Game of ... Circular Cliffhanger!

The Party Game of ... Circular Cliffhanger!


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The Party Game of. ... Circular Cliffhanger!


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Have a great holiday season!


Circular Cliffhanger! is a dynamic storytelling game that has several version currently out. A zombie, fantasy and strange science editions are also out with others planned.


The game host, and those joining them, will develop a S.I.F. (Semi Iconic Figure) which will be placed in a given setting of your choice or design. The GH will begin the game and leave you with the first cliffhanger. Each player will than continue with the story and leave the next player with another cliffhanger to resolve. Three rounds of play are suggested but feel free to decide for yourself what works best for your group.


*This would be an excellent Digital Stocking Stuffer (DSS) year round.  If you want something to really stand out in a pile of gists this would be a superior choice. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Birthdays, Game Night, Date Night, Anniveraries or just 'cuz!


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