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Images That Inspire

Images That Inspire


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Images That Inspire has several publications under this title.  The link above will lead you to the author page for:


Images That Inspire: What Happens Next?

Images That Inspire: Location, Location, Location

Images That Inspire: Create a Fantasy Character

Images That Inspire: Fan Appresiation


Each of these ePubs provides Visual Writing Prompts (VWP) on several different genres of producing writen content, such as blogs, short stories, novelettes, novelas or even RPG / TTRPG gaming content. 

The sparks being provide should contain enough information for the reader to produce worthwhile content.

Images That Insire: What Happens Next? is meant for the aspiring writer and covers over two dozen genres for their consideration. Mystery, horror, Halloween, true crime, cowbots & indias, fantasy, science fiction and many others.  Each also contains writen prompts to build out the scene being presented in the pictures. 


These are superior considerations for those who blog, write, produce creative content are gamersd of RPG / TTRPG or who simpke enjoy fantasy based art and materials.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Smnall Business Saturday, birthdays, anniveries, a surprise gift or for any other such occasion these ePubs will stand out in the crowd of gifts!

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