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World Building 101 for Fantasy Genre Creative Content Creators

World Building, in any setting, time line, genre or theme, is exceedingly time consuming, requires an enormous focus and dedication to producing content that is useable. Authors, bloggers, writers, gamers, game host(s) (GH) and designer of such content do not have an easy labor before them. Many of them do not ever complete their project(s) let alone publish said materials for others to digest.

This is understandable since one of these tasks is challenging enough on its own let alone when they are combined together. Having the time and resources to do so is rare enough let alone the correct living conditions. Having countless televison, streaming services, movies, books, podcasts and historical events to work from can be both helpful and tiresome since making them fit together is the next step. The goal is to use enough of one, or several, of them to work into a new and unique world and story.

This posting is meant to assist those who are attempting to do just that. If you know of someone who has taken a break and seems to be frustrated then you might want to consider sharing this posting with them. Each of the images being provided for your consideration contains stimulating visual writing prompts that focus on several different aspects of producing such content for a fanatasy setting.

Thank you for readng this posting &have a great day!

By Jason D. Essex


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