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When is National Writers Month?

November is National Writers Month Annually.

For those of you who are authors, bloggers, produce creative content, games, video or audio content you know how challenging it can be to create worthwhile material regularly. This month encourages others to focus their time, energy and resources to record some of their thoughts as it pertains to organizing a possible publication.

Since we each know how difficult this can be perhaps a few of you would consider spending some time with anyone that you know who wishes to write such materials? This can be a somewhat troublesome since so many authors are self educated but make an attempt to assist someone. You never know who has the talent and skill to write until they decide to do so!

You might be interested in this link since it will take you to a source that allows for you to download free public domain books:

Have a great week!

By Jason D. Essex

November the 21st of 2021

Enjoy this free Education game which requires some assemble:


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