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What is your “Verbal Vocabulary”?

As we know a “verbal vocabulary” becomes important for many different reasons in our daily lives. Phone conversations with others, or even automated calls, frequently ask for you to spell a word, say a date and so on. So long as the word(s) clearly relate to a given letter(s) you can speak whatever you wish to.

Here is a suggested selection of possible words for you to use from an author:

The Writers Verbal Alphabet

By Jason D. Essex

April the 7th of 2021

A Author

B Beta Tester

C Content

D Digital

E Expanded

F Fairy Tale

G Groundbreaking

H Hindsight

I Intellectual Property

J Journal

K Kindred

L Language

M Milestone

N Noun

O Original

P Published

R Review

S Sound

T Trilogy

U Unique

V Versed

W Written

X Xanadu

Y Yarn

Z Zion

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Have a good day and stay safe!

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