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This is Small Business Week! ISSN:2689-4483

With the ongoing skill required to create content it becomes the duty of the author, and creator, to maintain every aspect of their business and works.

This becomes cumbersome when the paperwork piles up over time. The need to retain documents and to communicate in regards to every facet of the business, filings for publications as well as any other form of communication builds up over time. Keeping these records as secure as possible is difficult.

Your content is your content. It needs to be protected, monitored and yet shared. You will have to take a risk every time you use your devices. This is a somewhat stressful when you consider what you could be losing by simply attempting to work. This is something that is overlooked by far to many who do not consider what it takes to bring a work, or works, to a publishable form.

For those of you who have this type of content in your possession you fully understand why this is so important. If you are having issues with earnings you might want to consider contacting the needed sources to better ensure your ability to have funds coming in.

This is your intellectual property. These are your productions. You should not have any additional stressors from outside sources hindering your ability to produce it. You also need to contact any sources needed in order to protect said content(s).

You will learn which forms of enforcement need to be contacted. I suggest contacting them as you produce content to keep them informed of what you are working on or intend to produce. This can be a simple short resume and portfolio. This will be a preemptive action to further assist your forth coming income.

You should also consider maintaining a business presence online to become better recognized for your published work. This means that you should also maintain a business presence, at least locally, since you can never tell how successful you will become.

Thank you for reading this post and stay safe.

By Jason D, Essex.

September the 22nd of 2020.

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