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Third World Universe By Jason D. Essex.

ISSN: 2689-4483.

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July the 25th of 2020.

Hello Everyone, Yet Again ...

I have been contemplating something for some while now. I cannot say that outside forces in the world, as well continuing events in my life , have not shaped my outlook and world view of it. I am now ready to set this into motion by shaping, molding and to produce a cohesive set of characters, events, timelines and systems together in order to better form a universe(s). I will be making reference to as Third World Universe: Space, Third World Universe: Systems of Magic and Third World: Hero's. Each one of these will become a self contain universe unto themselves, but will become linked to each other over time.

I will be focusing on characters, storylines, the universe at large, within each, rules of engagement, combat, interaction, protocol(s) and a great deal more. This is to be laid out in fine details as time permits and the constraints that I am under.

I am currently not seeking any outside help, at this point and time, due to past issues with my work. I simply do not need to be hindered by my past associations with most of those from my past. I will be writing histories, short stories and the like, until such time as I am able to build up each and every world to my satisfaction.

This may take some time and doing, since the "multimedia world" requires a great many assets to build upon and a great many filings and clearances to proceed correctly.

Here is what I am attempting to accomplish, in the next years time, for each world:

No less then one-hundred (100) pages of written content, for each world, complete with characters and some art, with some multimedia content as well. This content will; need to be reviewed, edited and to be considered for its long term ability to be interwoven into other related materials.

This content is meant to be as original in nature as possible. This will greatly slow my process but it will ensure that the fewest possible content conflicts will occur.

Some of this content is already available for your review. New content will be released as quickly as I can produce works that are worthy of being published. Please consider obtaining a sample of each such work digitally for your consideration.

By Jason D. Essex.

Creator of the Third World Universe(s).

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