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Support Small Press on Small Business Saturday the 26th of 2022!

#SmallBusinessSaturday2022 is on the 26th of November of 2022 (the first Saturday after Thanksgiving).

If you are a small business you know how time consuming your filings, bills and basic business activities are. Now add on to that producing content as your profession.

Maintaining your business presence also takes up a good amount of time. Social media postings, videos, interacting with your base as well as what you need to accomplish in your daily life also eats up your time.

As such those who produce "creative content" need to be recognized for entertaining, stimulating and even educating those who follow their work. Storytelling, character creation, plots, complications and even character interactions require an odd amount of focus since you don't know when you will reach that "aha" moment to make it fit.

If you know of any small press authors to whom you have found to be worthy you might want to consider reviewing their online presence for different forms of social media as well as for donation platforms such as Patreon. Contributions of positive and well thought out reviews can also be of enormous assistance.

Please consider preforming one of the following: Review, Donation or even a Compliment to those who are creative.

That you for reading this posting and have a great week!

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