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Self Publishing in 2022 …

Creating content is challenging for many differerent reasons. The effort, resources, ability to create, edit, imagine and to combine it together into an actual short, story, novellas, game, blog, video or other such publications is very difficult.

If you have enjoyed any tv, streams, newspaper, magazine, blog, graphic novel etc. You might want to consider sharing what you found entertaining with others. If you know of anyone who produces small press work (meaning self published) contribute to their continued success by telling others. You might be surprised by what happens when these sources gain some attention.

I can name to many authors that I have read in the past who's stories have never made it beyond their hard or soft cover. Each was well worth the read but they came out well before producition of social media really got rolling along. No social media, streaming and only a few challenges on television.

It would be nice to seem them acknolewged and become appreseated.

Remember: You Can Make A Difference!

Have a great week.

October the 14th of 2021.


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