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Organic Marketing Is For Me

Updated: Oct 10, 2021


I have been using the internet since it first came out into the public domain.

It was in two colors. If you know what two you have a clearer understanding of how to use it than most. As such it still surprises me to this day and time that there are so many different sources of marketing that just do not work. “Traffic” to a given domain name, page, account or profile for personal or business use is rather important so long as it is the right “traffic”.

I would suggest that you review the links that are presented before you click on them. Direct links, that use internet standard coding, such as http://www. Or https://www. Should be alright so long are there is no addition “funny coding” after the .com, .org, .net, et al. These are usually used to track from a source, such as where you clicked from or for some form of “pay per click”.

Why would you allow for yet another source to have your information when you have no idea who has it? Organic marketing allows for you to use direct links, or no links, to drive traffic to a location. This assists in reducing robots from gleaming your link(s) and can add in a layer of protection to your browsing.

This bit of information is useful for your review of how you surf the web. Just keep it in mind and consider what you are clicking.

Have a good day and stay safe.

Jason D. Essex.

Author. Blogger. Creative Content. Game Designer. Creator of TWU


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