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It Is Sunset Sunday! Enjoy the Day. ISSN 2689-4483.

By Jason D. Essex

It is Sunset Sunday! , and that means that at 5:07 PM, the Sun has set, on the West Coast of the United States of America, as today. If you have been tracking my Branded Days Of The Week, online, then you know that I have already set forth information regarding what you can do. With Sunday meant to be a day to relax, run few minor errands and to be with family and friends you might want to take that opportunity to actual do so more often.

I am not going to make suggestions that are grossly different from the norm. If you enjoy my other postings then you will also enjoy this content as well. If you have others joining you, then they will also want to review this information, as well.

1): Empower one (1) of your guests with music, and ask them to provide you with a selection of a dozen or so musical choices. Have another guest review them, and, perhaps, even add to them? Once you have them, preview them before the event, with them, perhaps editing them yourself by including a few tracks as well.

2): Review your possible prep dishes, before the Sunset, a day or so in advance, since there are dishes that taste better with more prep time, such as soups. Research a glaze, sauce, dressing, meat or vegetable dish and allow it to sit. Ensure that it is properly sealed, stored and timed. This is simply a means for you and your guests to better enjoy the dishes.

3): Encourage your guests, to bring forth a creative drinking item. Something that you would normally not drink, consume or partake of regularly. You might even add in an additional challenge: such as a minimum number of ingredients. I would recommend a minimum of no less then five (5) items, from the glass being empty, to what you put into it. What can you think of to combine together?

4): If this is going to be a regular or semi regular occurrence, then you may wish to consider investing in a set of tableware, glassware, place settings and other such items. Be sure to keep them in an appropriate place, while you await the next event. You might even find additional items to add in, along the way.

5): Emplace light enhancement items about your chosen area, such as tea candles / lamps, glass vessels, light reflecting bowls and LEDs or strings of lights. The goal would be to enjoy not only the sunset, but the early part of the evening, as well. A trip out of the city lights, once in a while, would not be a terrible idea, for the overall enjoyment of the night skyline. This would enhance your evenings experience and be a superior opportunity to use you camera systems.


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First posted on: Sunday, January the 18th, 2015.

Rebooted as of today.

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