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Improving your content over time ... #CoachingByJason

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

So you hav taken the time to begin to write some form of “content”. A form, a letter, general communicate, form, poem, story, card, music, video, novella, art or what-have-you. Your next step is to use this documentation in some way.

We each know that this needs to be edited, reviewed and adjusted. You are still going to us it no less than once and if you want to use it regularly you are going to play with it a bit. So keep this in mind after you have produced something:

1). Your content is yours; you can change, alter, improve and adjust it as often as you want to and you can even personalize it. Learn how to use your tools with greater and greater skill. Work on your handwriting, quality of paper, pens, inks, stamps and whatever else you may use to produce written works.

2). Be certain that you view the same content through more than one lense(s). Keep in mind that you are producing it from your point-of-view. Consider how others view substance of it. In many cases your structure will need to be neutral, or geared for a given purpose. If you need to make a point, clarify, be specific or to elicit an emotion you will have this slant within your writing.

3). Use sparks within your documentation as needed. If you have seen other such forms of content you may want to produce similar wording, humor, sources and site a variety of source materials. You can use your content with just enough information to draw the interest of the reader to a given concept, thereby creating a spark, such as a snippets or quotes.

4). In the case of creative content keep in mind that each and every character has their own patterns, eye and body language as well as obstacles for them to overcome in their own lives. By further expanding your characters within the broader story you allow for them to expand out. In so focusing on these characters, even if it only in passing, your story become better defined.

One ending point is actual the next starting point.

Have a great week, stay safe and be productive!

By Jason D. Essex

May the 5th of 2021.

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