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I wish to be considered for a "Best of ... " Award in San Diego, California.

Each and every year local physically published news sources hold a "Best Of ..." filing for a verity of different sources such as: Eateries, servers, coffee shops and so on and so forth.

I recently learned that in the "Entertainment" section Authors, Writers and Game Designers are not even considered. These are rather important individuals, groups, organizations and companies. We bring noteworthy content, concepts, thoughts, idea's, settings, worlds, humor, dramas and further ensure that the masses are engaged while watching, listening or reading our work(s).

I am asking to be considered. Since these categories are not even within these considerations I need no less than 25 recommendations to be provided by different sources. The sources that I wish to have other contact are: The Star News and the San Diego Union Tribune; both of these sources are Newspaper. The end date to file for this is the last day in August annually. I am currently unaware of any other such awards that I should ask for assistance with.

The public library systems have several related events but I am unclear as to any Awards being issued from them or by any other local sources within San Diego.

Since 2017 I have been published. The following is my current listing of works for your consideration:

107 Ways to be a Better Business Professional.

107 Ways to be a Better Role Player.

107 Ways to be a Better Claimant. (forth coming. Really.)

A Valentine's Day Event For You To Enjoy.

Enforcement Card Code.

Lexicon 1,2,3.

Monarchs, Retainers & Secrets.

Speller Interactive. Are You a Speller or a Spelly?

Tales of a Modern Day Wizard. Book 1 Part 2. (Additional works for this title will be forth coming. Part 1 is finished other than for editing.)

The Part Game of Circular Cliffhanger! (Several other versions, themes or "flavors" will also be forthcoming.)

I currently have no plans to stop publishing my works.

This posting contains no links; this was not an oversight on my part.

If you wish to contact me please do so in written form.

Thank you,

By Jason D. Essex.

July the 16th of 2020.


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