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How To Use Thanksgiving Left-Overs Better

With each year we each tend to enjoy the holiday fare in someway. I have never made this soup before and will not be using quantities so keep this in mind as it pertains to the ingredients that you have on hand. You should make reasonable attempts to maintain an active life-style, range of activities and be mindful of what you consume as well as in what quantities / frequency.

I had wanted to produce “cheese-burger soup” but did not have several key items on hand but had holiday options before me instead.

Turkey Dinner Soup

Turkey meat freshly pulled.

Potatoes, carrots and avocados.

An equal amount of water and milk.

A can of cranberry sauce.

I placed these ingredients into a blender and included some honey, butter, salt and black pepper. The consistency ended up to be rather thick. Pour this mixture into a sauce pan and cook on medium heat for an hours times stirring as needed.

Left-overs can become a burden in some cases. Soup can be stored a bit easier since you do not need additional contains for them. This is a good new alternative as opposed to the equally tried and true turkey sand-which since many are watching their carb intake with more regularity do to current events.



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