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How is your personal, and verbal, lexicon doing?

I am someone who produces creative content for games, novellas and short stories.

I know that my vocabulary can be Improved and that it is rather difficult to use different verbal comments when communicating with others since we are each in a given pattern of use. We use common greetings, such as “hello”, ”how are you doing?”. “yes”, ”no” and “maybe” in our general replies.

This is challenging to overcome for many different reasons. Our conversations with those that we communicate frequently with can be predictable. This is so common place that most of use simple ignore it.

As such I am going to make an attempt to improve upon these conversations in order to avoid repetitive uses of what would be considered to be redundant responses. I do tend to have a joke ready to include in my conversations. In some cases I work it in a conversational way.

As such it sometimes is included and the other person doesn’t realize it until later in the conversation. Sometimes they just ignore me from their, which is good, since I do not want to have uninteresting communications in general.


My written communication is generally better than my verbal interactions and I have realized that it is time to make some changes. In many instances, I hate to say, that it is quickly produced and edited. We can do better by spending a bit more time on such writings, posts, text messages and documentation.

Here are some words that you might wont to review and to begin to include in such future interactions:










* * * No, I did not forget to include the definitions for these words. * * *

Being an engaging conversationalist does require some labor on your part.

Have a good day, stay safe and be productive.

By Jason D. Essex.

Author of “A Valentine’s Day Event For You To Enjoy”.

Plan for a Pre-Valentine’s Day event every year on the 7th of February.


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