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Author’s Will Understand This …

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Give yourself a point if you can identify with any given observation from the following list. The highest possible score is 7.

How many points did you score?

You might be an author if …

1) You have numerous good quality writing implements and materials but cannot find them when you need to jot down something quickly. When you see a good quality note pad or book you buy it but don’t want it to become careworn so you put it up. Your use to buy ratio is more than a bit off. ;-)

2) Even with a space allocated for resource materials you still do not have an English to-the-language-you-need within arms reach when you need to find the correct word. Looking at the book shelve you remind yourself to find a copy of the themed encyclopedia that you should have but don’t … Yet.

3) You are editing what you are watching or reading and pointing out to yourself that you need to fix that bit of text or the story before it see’s publication. Sometimes you correct yourself and point out that not only is it published but the creator is successful at their craft.

4) You realize, yet again, that television and streaming shows simply do not have the budget to resolve a major event to the scale and scope that it should be done in. You might even own some swag from the series (you may or may not wear / use it regularly).

5) While producing your content and characters you remind yourself that your writings are your own even if they are akin to some other well known storylines and characters because a, b, c, d, e …. Oh. I should add in this as well to be certain that it is a bit more different now-that-I-think-of-it.

6) When you are looking at online groups of writers you see the questions and response. You review them causally and wonder why you are in them when you see something that actually is a useful thread. You decide to stay in them for just a bit longer …

7) When deciding not to watch or read something that you keep on meaning to because you are bringing your story / concept or world setting to life to prevent you from including something within it. Then you read it after you publish. You have some creative insults for yourself for not doing so and wonder where you could include this new information in another work …

Published By Jason D. Essex.

Created on: September the 7th of 2021.


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