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What Does Your Phone number Spell? By Jason D. Essex

ISSN 2689-4483

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember your grandparents ever mentioning black and white television shows? Have you ever seen old TV commercials where they mention Decoder Rings? Have you ever wondered what they made reference to?

The old time radio shows from a by gone era would tell you a short list of numbers or letters and tell you to go to your Decoder Ring. With the hastily scrolled numbers you would fumble to find it. What ever was the message?

Here is a listing of what your phone number means. It really is quite easy and simple to figure out. It may only take you a moment or two to do so, but it will strike up conversation here and there for you, as needed.

Try simply exchanging instead to those who ask you for it.

1 Has no letters used with it.

2 A B C

3 D E F

4 G H I

5 J K L

6 M N O

7 P Q R S

8 T U V

9 W X Y Z

0 Has no letters used with it.

Now take a moment and put your digits down on a piece of paper. List your digitals and then list the letters that correspond to you number. This is now your word, phrase or what-have-you-that-links-to-your-phone-number.

In the case of a 1 or 0 simply use them within whatever your phrase becomes.

Have a wonderful evening.

By Jason D. Essex.

Rebooted from a previous blog posting by me.

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