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Branded Days of the Week ... By Jason D. Essex.

ISSN: 2689-4483.

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would take a few minutes out of my day and address something that we often overlook on a daily basis. Namely the days themselves. Going to work, running errands, shopping, appointments, etc., are simply the tip of the iceberg.

That being said what do you have planned for each day of the week? Here are my simple suggestions for each of the days. If you try to enjoy each a bit differently you might begin to appreciate them a more.

Monday: Is it a Manic Monday for you? Martini Monday? A MoonLight Walk? We seldom enjoy an event, other than holidays, so why not have several different ways to enjoy each of the days?

Tuesday: Try to brand your dress attire for work or life for a TasteFul Tuesday DressUp Day. Eating, dressing and language, learn a few extra words on this day. Taco Tuesday, if you can manage it, for lunch or dinner. Try to visit different venues whenever possible. A Talkative Tuesday works as well, where you actually make voice calls verses text messaging with those you TEXT all of the time.

Wednesday: Wine Wednesday, for tastings and to better appreciate cheese and a bit of food. Enjoy the libations! Walking on this day of the week would also be helpful as well, as part of a healthily life style choice. Walk your dog or walk on the beach with some friends, get away from your regular location and Take A Hike somewhere close by. Try a Full Moon Hike, if you are so inclined. Join a Social Networking Organization or Club, if you are willing. Many of them are free or pay an annual fee for one, for more benefits and perfection of your personal information.

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday, to stay focused and clear, for the end of the week, by drinking plenty of water. Add fruit to a large vessel at home and a bit of lemon or lime juice to it. Add in different ingredients as needed, and drink plenty of it. Thoughtful Thursday could also be done. Write a few letters, think about your forth coming week, balance your check book and other such related activities.

Friday: Final Friday, or the end of the week, where your deadlines are, or should be, for many people. Try to get things wrapped up by this point and time. Friends on Fridays, where you try to spend some time with friends, family, co-workers and other such persons at the end of the week at a Happy Hour or a gathering. Film Fridays work as well, if you are a movie buff, seeing the latest flick when it first comes out or enjoying one at home. You can also enjoy a Fry on Friday where you cook your meals in a frying pan or even on a grill.

Saturday: Sit Around Saturday, your chance to unwind and relax about the homestead Get a few basics done close to home. Home based projects and up keep. Social Saturdays work as well, where you host or attend a dinner party or other like event.

Sunday: SunDay is Funday! If all else fails, then try to set Sunday aside for this reason. Make the last day of the week a fun day for a picnic or go to a museum, a culture based event or live entertainment f or some sort or another. Concerts, plays, farmers markets or street fairs.


Have a wonderful day everyone,

By Jason D. Essex.

Rebooted as of today.

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