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ThirdWorld Universe: Systems of Magic RPG Begins in 2023!

Circular Cliffhanger!
Lexicon 1,2,3.
Tales of a Modern Day Wizard.
Several Card, Word and Storytelling games to my cordite currently.

       This is a sampling of some of my currently published works.  

       The Northern Kingdoms is a part of the World Building that I will be continuing for the foreseeable future.  Additional publications are planned to further bring this world to a clearer focus by adding in new content regularly.

        Use these links to become better informed on these works:

* * * If you are interested in learning more about my content please visit these links as well:

Please consider supporting an indie author in some small way by contributing here:


Creative content | By Jason D. Essex | United States: Welcome

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

“Enjoy a “world” where the fantastic is fact and the magic really works!”

Look for my content within Apple Books! 

​Vincent Van Gogh | Mark Twain | Gary Gygax

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Thanks for submitting!


Currently I wish to be contacted by means of U.S.  First Class Mail.

       You can also find me on multiple business and social media platforms. Please state the reason for any such communities in any DM or IM.

       Appointments as well as meeting can be arranged for coaching, interviews & the like.

       *** Written communications are preferred whenever possible. ***

​       Have a great week!

830 Kuhn Drive | Post Office Box 210692 | 

Chula Vista, California  91914

(619) 548-4686

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Portfolio of some of my Free Publications!

The following links will bring you to sources for some of my free content. Enjoy!

       If you are producing content you realize fairly quickly that some of your works need to be free to better allow for others to read, understand and comment on your publications.  
       Producing worthwhile content is rather challenging in regards to what you are creating.  
       Blogging assists you in cultivating some interest but having samples of your content for general consumption is a superior course of action.      
        As such it is my hope that you will find these links rewarding:
This content is best understood by gamers & those who play Role Playing Games (RPG).  Additional,  and more refined content,  will be forth coming as time permits.

This is an introduction to Third World Universe: Systems of Magic as well as to Tales of a Modern Day Wizard:

Some assembly is required for this educational publication:

Creative content | By Jason D. Essex | United States: How is your content coming along?

“Creative Growth” comes to those who harvest their notes …

       If you are attempting to write any form of content you need to focus on it,  write some notes,  fill out some character information and begin.  You can start anywhere within the story that you want to.  You might even have the ending,  which you think is the beginning,  and realize that the readers have no idea why they don’t know more.  
       Ask your self “what do they need to understand and why?”.  
       There is generally no hurry in finishing your work.  Don’t be fouled by those who claim to be able to write several pages a day.  Write what you can when you can.  
       Dedicate a space, time and build from that point forward.  Edit several pages back and think about the next page.  Worry about the details first and see where this leads.  
       Good luck with your project and have a great week!
       November the 9th of 2021.
       #SupportLocalAuthors #IAmALocalAuthor #VisitYourLocalLibrary

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Small Business Saturday 2021 and FREE RPG Day!

These are just a few of ePublished works for your consideration.

I am a self published author with numerous publications to my credit.  The works listed below are only a few of my eBooks and games.

Please feel free to review them after you have read them.

*Ask me any questions if something is unclear.*

Free downloads of most of my content can be gained here with a donation:

Want to improve your Valentine’s Day year round?

Do you enjoying reading?  Would you like to play a storytelling game?

A Woman Writing by the Window

Some of the many benefits to purchasing digital content for yourself or for others …

Are you purchasing books and games as gifts? Why not?

Being self published means that you produce your own content into book, games, short stories or other forms of media.  As such it is generally provided by means of digital shopping.  

Here is what it means if you are interested in purchasing such a gift for someone else: 

*** FREE shipping!  ***

There is no wait period.   No need to gift wrap.   No need to lug it about.

A gift card to the online shop with a note to buy this (or whatever) can be done swiftly & easily.   

*** Games & books further stimulate those who enjoy them.   Your thinking, analytical & social skills improve if this happens with some regularity.   Who doesn’t want to interact with those with better verbal & social skills who are also able to articulate on multiple topics?

Although there are also any number of advantages to shopping for just the right present for someone online shopping can also be fairly rewarding as well.   Know who you are gifting & what their interests are to ensure that they will appreciate their gift.

Have a great week!

#SanDiegoCountyGameDesigner  #GiftAnEbook 

Creative content | By Jason D. Essex | United States: Small Business Saturday and Free RPG Day 2021
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