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       I currently have a total of 3 party games that are in circulation as of 12/27/2019.  Currently “Tales of a Modern Day Wizard” is being provided My hope is to have several works published in the next years time.  The focus is for me to obtain graphic work from different sources in order for my works to become better known and recognized.

       Hopefully additional content will be found online in the next few weeks time.  I am posting “Promotional” content on the following platform for your enjoyment.  Additional content will also be listed here as well as it becomes available.

        Have a good day and stay safe!

       Tales of a Modern Day Wizard. Introduction.

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

       Trying to publish content for the forth coming holiday.  I am also trying to publish yet another game for some of the games that have been around for hundreds of years or longer. 

       Still working on bringing my first book to life.  A lot of work to do to bring it to a published state.  This will likely be done in short works.  I am hoping to have this done in the next years time.



       As of September of 2020 I now have two novellas.  I am working on additional short stories to further improve these works.  I have several free works that will be produced hopefully by the end of the year. 

       I am seeking to improve several aspects of my social presence.  Several sources will be contacted to better improve my online foot print.  I will be contacting the needed sources so that I can become better recognized for my works. 

       I am currently seeking several awards,  grants and will be working toward earning from several sources that work closely with those who are creative.

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