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7 Rules For Superior Organic Content and Marketing Online. By Jason D. Essex.

ISSN: 2689-4483.

Hello Everyone,

In light of recent events, I thought now would be a good time to write a bit about what I have been using towards my own ends to create content. These are just some of the rules that I am employing to achieve my goals. I thought I would share them with you, so that you can achieve some of your own creative endeavors.

Fell free to utilize them for your own creative purpose’s.

1) Be Unique: Have your style and creative flow, whatever that may be. In your daily life do whatever it is that gives you that edge or creative energy. Walk the dog, go to the gym, watch a movie, read a book, ride a bike and so forth. Once you start to create your content stay with it, for as long as possible. You never know what is going to catch fire and grab someone's attention as it relates to your works.

2) Be Seasonal: Try to focus on the seasons, if it helps your content move along. In some cases it could be moved along by media, clothing, jewelry, food, health and beauty or perhaps even another such industry. There are many different seasons and industries to track. The downside to a topic, or individual, is that it has many different pitfalls. So if you can come up with content that has none, or very few downfalls or undercurrents, you are better off because of it.

3) Be Topical: Current events are always a good source of material to write about, in general. Fact checking them, as wells your other writings, is always difficult. A new drug or a person of interest may require a great deal of time and energy to write the correct content. Just think of some of the past news stories that have changed the way we have watched TV. Think about some of the stories that have dominated major news channels for months on ends. It makes you wonder what else was going in the world at the time.

4) Be Focused: Stay on target, whenever you write your content. Make your point, or points, and try to make them short and sweet. By doing so you are trying to make those around you think on their own. Try to create a conciseness for those who are reading your content and discussing it. They may have their own take on it, but they will begin to form their own opinion on your patterns(s) of content. I also suggest writing about several points of interest to draw in traffic from each. Cooking, home repair, mixology, fashion, health care and any other suggest point of interest can earn you more traffic not less.

If you have an option for comments, this may lead to some type of interaction. This could be a good way to interact with some of your audience but it might also provide a means for negative comments as well. Is it really worth having to constantly communicate about what you have already written about?

5) Be Lexiconal: Use a wide range of vocabulary and creative wordplay. Be a wordsmith and pop-culture word-a-holic, whenever you can, to-be-in-the-know, at the right time. This will allow for you to catch the right crowd, as needed, on the web. A well placed word or phrase can be worth its weight in what matters most to the right crowd on the web. Do a search on the word LEXICON in a book or on the web, just for fun. Then write down a few of your key phrase's and odd terms that you think might be unique to you and yours, such as family slang and jargon. You might be surprised by what is yours and what is not.

6) Be Photogenic: If possible, use photos and videos, but try not to use them of people or of yourself, unless you want a lot of attention, right away. It may be best to build your audience first and then add in photos of yourself at a later date and time, if ever. Do not use stock photos, but real time photos, which are difficult to come by, and even harder to store correctly. I would give you better advice on this but let me just say this: Try not to share it on your Social Media Foot Prints.

With no print photos left, essentially, this may become a good deal more difficult than it used to be. With every app and smart device out there, there will be some sort of entanglement involved. Software and cameras all use it, on some level, as do flash cards, drives, devices and computers. Just do your best and stay with it. A camera separate from you phone and person devices is suggested by this author.

7) Be Timely: Once you start to create, continue to do so and post away. This will allow for you to keep on gaining group attention, in what ever you are trying to achieve. Create good, clean and original content, with as much new material, without scraping anything, as possible. Post it to the same platforms and do not post to sources that you think will not be receptive to your content. If you are social, try to mention it but if you want your traffic to be your you need your own site with http://www. r https://www. . “Cross Posting” should also be avoided, whenever possible. If you have the ability to speak at an event, again, mention it in passing.

With that said, it is my hope that you have found these seven (7) rules helpful in creating useful content. Take them to heart and think about them. If you are just getting starting with creating content this may be of great help to you. If you are an old pro at it you are likely already doing this or something like it. Be focused in your content and all will go well for you and your endeavors.


Have A Wonderful Day.

Rebooted as of today.

First posted as of: 11/3/14, 11:54 AM

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