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Giving Back to the Writing & Gaming Communities: A Crack in the Veil Week 1

Learning to write, as well as how to become a good gamer, or even a Game Host (GH), requires an extended length of time, energy, resource, focus and opportunity to produce written content. These are not easily accomplished. As such you have to begin this process somewhere so why not here?

NaNoWiMo aka National Novel Writing Month is November annually. During this month a good many of those who want to learn these skill-sets focus on producing content. If you have friends that read a good deal they have influenced what you have read at some point. If you enjoy playing RPG and TTRPG games that require a commitment to attend regularly you have also been inspired by those who oversee the on going story.

"A Crack in the Veil Week 1" is part of posts that can be found on my social media pages. Each day for the month of October the storyline unfolds one complication at a time. These are geared to be set in a fantasy setting but the time frame can be whatever you decide. The theme can be dark, horror, gothic, steampunk, in the future, medieval Europe, Colonial America and whatever else you decide for it be. Read through the posts being provided for you within this posting to see if they can provide you with some useful sparks.

Have a great week!

By Jason D. Essex

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